The foundations for successful production and distribution of sauerkraut were laid by our experience and traditional skills of natural production process.

The first vacuum-packed sauerkraut head in the world was produced in 1973 in the present production unit of our company. More intensive production began in 1958. Madig has been operating under the current name and business model since the end of 2005.


Tradition, naturalness, quality and freshness are the main production imperatives in our company which have remained stable since our beginnings. Throughout all this time we have maintained a unique cabbage processing method through natural fermentation using salt solution and no additives. What guarantees the quality of our products is the fact that the cabbage that we use in production comes from controlled agricultural land, which provides our customers with additional assurance and trust in our products.


Due to cooperation with a network of subcontractors and our own agricultural land where we grow fresh cabbage, every year we are able to provide sufficient amounts of fresh cabbage, all under the expert supervision of our agronomist.


By combining our own and our subcontractors’ production we are able to supply the required amounts of finished and processed products. In addition to its own brands, Madig produces the retail chain brands as well, which we are especially proud of since it proves we have gained trust and recognition as a leader in cabbage production and processing.

Although one part of our business activities is focused on supplying chain stores, great attention is simultaneously paid to the development of our own recognizable brands. By pushing the boundaries of economic cooperation with other members of the EU, Croatia has opened the path to the foreign markets as well.  Our company has decided to continue developing our business story in this direction and export our products to the European and North American markets.

Tradition since 1958

MADIG-MREŽNICA D.O.O. is a small production company. Its main business activity is the production and packaging of sauerkraut.

Additional activities include:

  1. Hotel Klek

    Address: Otok oštarijski 51d, Ogulin

  2. Agricultural pharmacies

    4 agricultural pharmacies located at the following addresses:
    – Vladimira Nazora 12, Ogulin
    – Salopek selo 2, Ogulin
    – 143. domobranske pukovnije 21, Plaški
    – Kralja Zvonimira 131, Otočac

  3. Production and packaging of pickled beet
  4. Production and packaging of vacuum-packed sweet corn

The company was founded on November 2, 2005. The company’s work is based on a 50-year tradition of cooperative cultivation and processing of cabbage in the Ogulin region.

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