The Management of the company will permanently and responsibly strive to improve the quality management system, food safety system and environmental management system as well as to deliver the highest quality products in accordance with the standards of the Republic of Croatia and internationally recognized standards.

By recognizing the role and the position of our company in the food supply chain, we have noticed the importance of effective mutual communication in the chain in order to supply the final consumer with a safe product. Activities of Madig-Mrežnica d.o.o. are closely connected with the environment. The basic raw materials that we use in production come from nature, and our processing methods impact the water and the air. Our activities are not possible without the support of the environment in which we operate. Our main interest is to preserve the environment which is essential for long-term business and market presence.

The strategic goal of our company is to achieve satisfactory communication with the other participants in the food supply chain and to provide the recognition of food safety hazards as well as the appropriate control at every stage in the food supply chain. We aim to increase the production and expand our range by adding new products.  

Based on the quality policy the Management will annually set measurable quality goals and supervise their implementation.

The management is obliged to comply with all regulations related to food safety. The obligation of the Management is to inform all employees about the policy and the goals of quality management system, food safety system, environmental management system, to provide resources and to contribute with their actions to the ongoing advancement and improvement.  

In Ogulin, July 22, 2015

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