Quality is the guiding principle in every segment of the production process.

A beloved staple of the New Year’s holiday table as the indispensable ingredient of cabbage rolls, a favourite side dish served with beans or meat throughout the winter season – sauerkraut is a true culinary star in all regions of Croatia. Ogulin and the surrounding region stand out as the area where cabbage has been grown for a great number of years and traditionally processed into sauerkraut.


Every gourmet will confirm that the homemade product is also the best product. Prepared by using natural methods without synthetic additives, in the same way as our ancestors made it… Madig sauerkraut is a true homemade delicacy according to all the aforementioned characteristics.


The original raw material and the original recipe guarantee the original flavour. Raw cabbage is processed by using the natural method of fermentation. Our product consists of only three basic ingredients: home-grown cabbage, salt and water.


Today the expression ”farm-to-table” is often used in the food industry but it often hides a different nature of production which does not justify this claim. This is not the case with our production. Madig sauerkraut and other products in Madig range due to their consistency exemplify the very core of the claim ”farm-to-table”. Madig owes its success to a well- rounded production – from cultivating and buying up the cabbage, placing it in concrete pools for natural fermentation and vacuum-packaging it into finished products that have preserved all nutritional values.


Quality is the guiding principle in every segment of the production process. Our production of sauerkraut is governed by the relevant standards determined by the international certification ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system, ISO 14001:2009 for environmental management system and HACCP for ensuring consumers’ health and safety. Accordingly, the company implemented a Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy on July 22, 2015.


After the completion of the fermentation process, the sauerkraut is taken out and turned into the following finished products through further processing and packaging:

1. Madig sauerkraut heads
2. Madig shredded sauerkraut 500g
3. Madig sauerkraut mix for cabbage rolls 1000g
4. Madig shredded sauerkraut in brine 1000g
5. Madig shredded sauerkraut in brine 5/1
6. Madig shredded sauerkraut in brine 18/1
7. Madig sauerkraut heads in brine 15/1
8. Madig sauerkraut with olive oil and garlic 500g
9. Madig sauerkraut with pumpkin seed oil and garlic 500g
10. Madig sauerkraut with garlic and olive oil 500g


On the Croatian market our products can be found in almost all larger retail chains, and a part of the products is exported to the European and North American markets.

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