Madig shredded pickled beet in brine 1000g

Madig shredded pickled beet in brine 1000g

Product Description

Refreshing and invigorating, pickled beet in brine is a chameleon among food. It is perfectly transformed from one role into another so it can be prepared as a stew with beans or on its own, combined with grains such as rice or barley or with various meat specialties, served as a salad with pumpkin seed oil and garlic with a pinch of ground red pepper…

Ideas, combinations and variations are many, and in addition to being versatile, pickled beet is beneficial for health. Use its richness in vitamins as a means of boosting your immune system. Pickled beet (and its brine) is also an excellent detox food that will refresh your digestive system after holiday binge eating. It is rich in fibre and it stimulates digestion. In summer it cools the body.

Take advantage of all its benefits and improve your health and vitality!


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