Ogulin – the home of fairy tales...

At the transition from Gorski kotar into Lika, at the foot of the mountain Klek, lies a picturesque town of Ogulin. Its interesting position on the geographical map gives this town a versatility of a number of entertainment options.


The peaks of Klek have been mounted by the hikers and climbers for years, and its slopes visited by the botanists, travel writers and all nature lovers. The 1181 m high miraculously shaped mountain has a special mystical appearance, which is supported by many myths and legends surrounding its steep hills.


Nearby there are Bjelolasica and Bijele and Samarske stijene which are an interesting destination for skiers, alpinists and hikers. On the other side of Ogulin and Klek you can take a one hour drive to the worldwide famous national park, Plitvice Lakes National Park.


The rivers Mrežnica and the Dobra flow through Ogulin and the Dobra becomes an underground stream at the abyss Đulin ponor, which together with the cave Medvedica forms the Croatia’s longest speleological educational path. In addition to explorers and speleologists, Ogulin is visited by fishermen and rowers thanks to its rivers. It is a favourite destination for many recreationists – swimmers, hikers and cyclists. Sabljaci Lake was artificially created from the flow of the Mrežnica River and it is the eleventh largest lake in Croatia, as well as the host of rowing regattas.


Natural features which include clear rivers, green surfaces and fresh mountain air are not the only thing that distinguishes this town from other Croatian urban centres. Natural resources are combined here with an extremely rich cultural and historical heritage.

In the charming mythical Ogulin region there is a piece of magic for everyone; find the one that belongs only to you.

The establishment of the town of Ogulin is connected with Bernardin Frankopan, the most famous Croatian nobleman, as evidenced by the Frankopan castle (Frankopan Tower) which also holds the County Museum. The town also boasts the Frankopan Guard which was formed on May 30, 2004.


Ogulin is the most prominent centre of fairy tales, myths and legends in Croatia. ”Croatian Tales of Long Ago” and the magical world of fairy-tale creatures were introduced by the most famous Croatian fairy tale author Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić. Due to her literary success, she was named “Croatian Andersen”. Many call her the “Queen of Croatian stories”, and she is the only Croatian writer who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times.


In honour of the life and work of this great Croatian writer, in December 2013 the Ogulin Tourist Board opened an interactive multimedia visitor’s centre Ivana’s House of Fairy Tales. Every year in June Ogulin holds a Festival of Fairy Tales. The works of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić live on in Ogulin today and bring a lot of joy into the hearts of many visitors.


If you decide to visit Ogulin for yourself – you will not regret it.

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